This album was a set of delightful, buoyant, and engaging solo piano pieces. They were relaxing and could definitely be used as lullabies. I thought they were sweet and endearing with no complicated layers or overwhelming melodies. These sublime, harmonious tunes are quite an enjoyable listen.


Very beautiful albom this one. I enjoyed the lightness of the music. It is light, bright, at times a little blue, but still kind of optimistic. Thank you!

Very peaceful. I really enjoy the tranquility of the album. Perfect for listing to in the rain

What lovely piano pieces - calming, tender, beautiful, extraordinary. These sound like lullabies - I am enchanted!! Thank you!!

I felt the tears start to flow down my face as I started to listen to this impressive, yet gentle, touching, emotional, graceful piano music. I felt the words that it spoke where for me to hear and take on board. And I did just that, and the more I listened the more I could not control my emotions or my tears, as the flowed like a river down my face. Beauty by no other words just came flowing from this remarkable, bewitching, soundscape of an album.

Very enjoyable piano to listen as a background music while reading a Neil Gaiman novel.


It's funny how sometimes a piece of music fits in perfectly with ones' mood.

A wonderful , simple and evocative piece.

Andy W

stellar art wars


I think the hardest thing in music is to make a single instrument interesting enough to hold interest, well you've done it. I was moved by this beautiful presentation of piano.


Very nice piano album. I live it. Good sound :)


'Mournings' and 'Faun's Hut' were my favourite pieces. This is really beautiful, lyrical piano playing!


Very relaxing music. Thank you for your sharing


Nice and relaxing with little moments of sadness and darkness. Style is very personal, I find. My favourite track : Jubilant.


Hi! I like your music... only piano
Is true! Your influences: Michael Nymann... "Intimissimi" fromd de BSO in "The piano". But It's different!
I see in certain relation with compositions of Wim Mertens. Do you LIke?
And the others compossers of the first avant-garde in the s.XX
Is't very nostalgic from me. Thanks!