I have listened to your beautiful music songs 1 through 11. I cannot believe all the emotion and deepness you can express through your music, I want to learn to do that! Your music makes me feel as if I am there, in a real voyage, something between Titanic and Perfect Storm! How wonderful, keep up the great work! You Are A Blessing, God Bless You!
Beautiful, sweet Dawn at sea!!! Your music is lovely. Im listening more. Itss a shame I cant buy some of your tracks (I live in mexico and I don know how to send the moneey to soundclick) Lovely, lovely!
--- We received excellent comments from our friends and audience about your music. I really love the great feeling you transmit in your music, complex, even experimental electronic in parts, but very warm at the same time. You have something wonderful.
--- I listened several times your music and really appreciated. It is very beautiful and passionate in its ecological tonalities and spirit.
--- Superb compositions! Frankly, I adored it! Throughout the album, one is guided through a palpitating history, rich in emotions. Thank you for this beautiful voyage;)

What a beautiful story this album is narrating, A journey of hope, prosperity, and inevitable sadness . . A superb compilation, excellent album review, and full marks for the album art.
Thanks for sharing this beautiful music.


This is wonderfully colourful and eclectic music, running the gamut of styles, timbres and harmonies. We don't just hear the same old root/third/fifth chords here: we hear diminished sevenths, half-diminished sevenths, and counterpoint, among other great things. Sometimes it's electronic, sometimes it's classical, sometimes it's exotic. It's all very creative.


This album makes for a good listening. Some of the tunes there are a bit intrusive, but they are still interesting. As a fan of Vangelis, I enjoyed seeing some Vangelis-like music from newer artists and appreciate the fact that it is here on Jamendo.

Keep up the good work.

My heart and soul, went on a voyage of beautiful grace and heart felt sincerity, let alone passion, love and hearts and regrets..I sat alone, and quietly reflected and thought about everything this master piece of remarkable, thought provoking, contemplationary, music gave to me, and so much more besides..Like the men from the Navy who go to see, and at any time can be called up to war. And the fishermen who every day, risk their lives to get fish to feed up people for our meals at night. And eras past, the Vikings and Greeks traveled by sea to conquer and pillage, and take over and spread on this planet called earth....My imagination flew like a bird and the images and great adventures I did see, and take part in..

A long sea voyage; an adventure; a dream; voices and demons from the depths below a fragile ship, tossed upon the turbulent waters . . . ravaged by these unknown waters . . . deluged and engulfed by these waters.

The music brings us there and takes us through the sad experiences and demise without fear but perhaps a resignation to the fates awaiting.


Embark on this journey and let your mind wander through the universe intrinsic to each music track. You'll feel yourself like part of it: an artist in your own movie.

I also like the cover very much.

Good album.

dear Miika ,
ups and downs that can be identified by the wonderful style.
ups and downs of musical spirits.
for me the album sounds great.
thank you so much for the wonderful inspiration.
greetings from Germany to Helsinki



very good, i am dreaming^^